Dear F W World follower, a personal message for you

Dear Fitness Wellness World follower,

My first ‘personal post’ with some information for you.

First of all a sincere thank you for your interest and your connecting with me and this blog.
As a blogger newbie it is great to meet other bloggers. And I strive to find the very best pieces of information about fitness, wellness and motivation – reliable research or test based methods and ideas.

However, I do apologize for not being superactive post wise and also being almost invisible in cyberspace. I am out there every once in a while, but mostly I am (too) busy researching/lecturing as a professor of sports (and fitness) and travelling doing workshops. I hope to be more active and supportive in the future.

In the meantime I have a project. As I am fairly new to this media and slow to catch up, I have not found the optimal rhythm and style yet. But I have been thinking about something for a while:

I would like to move my fitness scriblings to a new blog (under construction – will notify when ready): Fitness Wellness Forum – because I invite more comments and questions.
Same post set up, with state-of-the-art fitness tips, not too frequently, but more regularly.

And I would like to test this page as a Fitness Wellness World page with more posts with fitness wellness travel information – as I would like to share some extra photos and tips.

However, as English/American is not my first language and I am a bit slow, when translating, I will start writing in Danish and hope that Google translate will do a good job and the photos will say more than words … (if it is not working, I am all ears …).

I realize that this was not exactly, what you signed up for – however, the plan is that the posts will be about fitness and wellness, but also quite a lot about wellness travelling etc.
So in the very near future I will test this and your response is most wellcome.

I hope this works well, I am giving it a go.
In any case I will be back with a little more info shortly.

See you 🙂


m1Me today. Hair growing. Growing up.

2 Replies to “Dear F W World follower, a personal message for you”

  1. Hello Marina! Greetings from Budapest! I have enjoyed your blog and tips very much. I am a Canadian living in Budapest for the past 23 years and fitness and wellness is also my passion, but having raised 4 kids – am now looking for ways to help others in this field. I am sorry that I don’t know Danish and that your posts will not be in english – your english is very good! Anyway, thank you and I will look forward to the new blog!

    1. Hello Debbie, Great to hear from you! Budapest is super exciting, lucky you!
      Super nice with your encouraging words, I will try to keep up to speed.
      When I get the blog organized, do get back and tell about how you are ‘fitness and wellness’ing in Budapest.

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