Classic Caribbean: Sun, Sand and Surf, Cartagena, Colombia

The finest sand without pebbles and shells all over. Sunshine and 31-33 degrees during the day. The warmest, clearest sea water, almost body temperature, feels soft to your skin, and energizing waves.

Final day on this great destination. And I ponder.

It is not hard to understand that the Caribbean is popular among sun lovers (and the beach is packed from morning to late afternoon). If you do not fancy sunbathing, you can stay at the water’s edge and play in the waves; a treat for children and adults alike.

I have not enough patience for sunbathing. On the other hand, I love water of all kinds. Here in the form of sea water and amazing waves pushing your body around.

Bocagrande Day and Night (or rather later in the afternoon).

Carribean visit. Utopia? Dreaming?
Nope. How do you make travel dreams come true?
You prioritize (like crazy) and buy cheap tickets (this time from KLM)!

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