Sunny days in Dubai, Dubai Marina

By Marina Aagaard, MFT

Dubai Marina. A place worth returning to. If you are into water, boats, cars and skyscrapers. This is our third visit.

Dubai is sunny, hot and dry – although I like cold weather, rain and snow, enough is enough. It is ‘refreshing’ with some variety …

We arrived three days ago and after a day trip to Abu Dhabi we return. Zero sightseeing today. Only work at the PC (to keep out the sunlight) and after ‘office hours’ training and a walk. Construction is ongoing, so after a couple of years away, there are many new things to see.


There are several hotels in the area – with rooms in several price ranges. This time, however, we stay with a friend in JBR, Jumeirah Beach Residence, a series of skyscrapers, built around 2007. Jumeirah Beach Residence: 184 meters (604 ft) high, 46 storeys.


On one side of JBR there is the beach; near the artificial peninsula; The Palm. On the other side of JBR, The Dubai Marina area.

Below are the garages, where in addition to a few regular cars, you see Bentleys, Maseratis, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Aston Martins and other supercars.
The cars are cruising on the streets in front of JBR; you can see them most of the day.


You cast no discreet looks, no, you stare wide-eyed: Ultra-luxury cars such as Maybach and Rolls-Royce are rare elsewhere.


Above street level, the view also fine. In the distance you can see The Palm and Atlantis.


The JBR area includes the popular shopping and café street The Walk. In recent years, however, there has been established a ‘competing’ promenade closer to the water front; with cafes and restaurants with beach views.


In addition the little promenade, there a small outdoor amphitheater with a lawn and the beach there is a CrossFit-like outdoor training area (admission fee) with a view of the coming Dubai Eye.

Dubai I later named Ain Dubai (Ayn is the 16th letter of the Arabic alphabet and can be translated to eye); the world’s largest Ferris wheel. 210 meters in height and with 48 luxury cabins, which can accommodate 1,400 guests at the same time.


A stranded whale (as my accompanying hubby joked)? No, it’s me crawling on the beach exercising; here the wonderful, hilarious Dan John exercise getbackup, while locals and tourists around me playing in the sand and swim in the water.

dj1_img_6612   dubai_ma_img_6647

Today and the day before I had the opportunity to sample JBR stairs, vertical running, or rather vertical struggling. 46 floors, 824 steps. My normal postulate – in Denmark – is, that it is faster to take the stairs than waiting for and taking the elevator. Here and now I take my word back … although, it is still healthier to take the stairs.

The elevators in JBR comes arrive and only take 40-45 seconds to the upper floors. Maybe a minute. From basement to the top by stairs took me eight minutes! Approximately 100 steps per minute, a really bad time at the moment. Down it took 5 minutes. 13 minutes up and down. After three trips, I was done (!) after a strenuous 40-minute workout!


Spent some hours writing at a cafe in the afternoon sun. It got dark very quickly. Time for a stroll on the promenade around the Marina. Mesmerizing, meaning many, many photos. Not only with mobile and “baby-Canon” (these), but also with an “adult-Canon” and tripod.

dubai_ma_img_4594Yes, from an ecological and energy saving point of view, the sea of ​​light is sub-optimal, but a beautiful sight as the neonlight glitter and reflect in the water.img_2882

Palms wrapped in strings of lights. Seen not only in Dubai Marina, but also in Downtown Dubai. Festive ‘clothing’ all year round?


There are restaurants in every price range in Dubai and with all kinds of menus. Sausages I have not eaten for many years, but was taken in by this cute hot dog stand.


Instead of hot dogs, we go back to the beach and eat at a local JBR beach restaurant Seven Sands. A restaurant with local delicacies. Really special and delicious with several kinds of meat and shark. Unfortunately, again I ate the food before I got to capture it on film card – I need to work on my foodie skills on …

After dinner dessert? I am full to say the least, but am nevertheless persuaded into sampling some dessert delicacies as they are local and sound interesting.


Lucky Choice: dessert, one pana cotta-like dish with nut-crumble crunch and a very special perfumed rose-ice. This really is a treat for the taste buds. The accompanying biscuit is left over, though.

After the food some lovely green tea and even with a tea-hourglass. A detail that makes all the difference. A memorable meal.


A good day and good night.


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