Express Fitness # 3: Superset Training for Travel or Home

By Marina Aagaard, MFE

Keeping fit at home or when travelling may be easier than you think. You can maximize your workout results, including weight loss, while minimizing workout time.

For variation and speedy workouts one of the methods I use, is the body building method super set, which can be employed by exercisers of all levels. Two variations:
You can do compound super sets, which includes two exercises for one muscle group, but if you want to increase strength and burn fat, while keeping the workout short, the agonist-antagonist super set method is the better option.

Strength training on your travel Riga Gym lat pulldown super set photo Henrik ElstrupSuper set training (lat pull down, then shoulder press) at Elefant hotel, Riga, Latvia.

Agonist-antagonist superset
You work opposite muscle groups back to back without pausing, e.g. 3 sets of 10-12 repetitions: First one set for the chest, then one for the upper back, with no rest-pause between the sets, and then the next set for the chest, the next set for the upper back, without a rest-pause. Then the third set for the chest and so on.

After one muscle pair (opposite muscles; agonist and antagonist) you proceed without a rest-pause to the next muscle pair and so forth.
Because you eliminate all rest-pauses – the muscle have a small rest period, when you work the opposite muscle – you turn up the intensity and save time. Excellent.

An example of a basic resistance training program according to the super set principle: After a warm-up work opposite muscle groups alternatingly, 3 x 8-12 of each, e.g.:

  • Leg press (squat) and leg curl
  • Horisontal rowing (wide grip) and chest press
  • Lat pulldown and shoulder press
  • Back extension and abdominal curl

Try this for intensity, fat burning and fast fitness.

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