Super Shape in 7 Minutes: The New 7-Minute Workout

By Marina Aagaard, MFE

Time-efficient bodyweight circuit training? Here is the New 7-Minute Workout.
Some time ago the “The 7-Minute Workout” was making headlines in fitness media around the World. As circuit training is excellent for allround fitness, fatburning and weight loss and on the Top 20 Fitness trends 2015 list here is a new improved 7-Minute Workout for variety.

The original 7-Minute workout is in reality just one example of a circuit training workout and was provided by the authors of the ACSM article: High-Intensity Circuit Training Using Bodyweight about HICT, High-Intensity Circuit Training.

The 7-Minute Workout is an excellent way of exercising both at home, in the gym and on the road; travel fitness.

However, in fact this workout as well as similar circuit and interval programs are rather:
The 14 Minute Workout, The 21 Minute Workout (20 min. minimum recommended in the ACSM article) or The 28 Minute Workout, when you do a warm-up (which you should) and add extra rounds of the exercise series (which you normally do in circuit training). Even so circuit training is very time-efficient training.


The HICT Circuit training concept is great, however, the original “7-Minute Workout” model as demonstrated in most media including the ACSM Journal could be better I think: The model has more isometric exercises, less functional exercises and a less than ideal sequence.

Recently I was asked to be the ‘workout expert’ on a 7-Minute Workout video, which I accepted as I was allowed to make a New Workout with some small adjustments:

  • To minimize premature fatigue; a slighty changed exercise order.
  • To preserve intensity and functionality; wall squat replaced by box squat.
  • To protect the shoulders and balance the workout; chair dips replaced by back extension (as there were 3 triceps exercises and 0 back exercises).
  • To avoid confusion; reverse plank instead of side plank (do you change side half way or do left side, round 1, and right side, round 2 (= 14 min. workout)?

To remain faithful to the original concept the structure, most original exercises including the isometric exercises are still in. Personally I would leave isometric core exercises for after a circuit workout, as I would like even more intensity, but maybe maybe next time.

Link to Danish video with the new 7-Minute workout. Exerciser: Coach Filip Hansen.

The New 7-Minute Workout

Every exercise is performed for 30 seconds; 12×30=6 min. + extra seconds for change.

  1. Jumping jacks
  2. Push-ups
  3. Squat
  4. Ab curl
  5. Step up (cardio version with leg change every step)
  6. Back extension
  7. Lunge
  8. T-push-up (push-up with turn right and left)
  9. Kneelift (jog on the spot, tempo with high kneelifts)
  10. Reverse plank
  11. Box squat (squat, buttocks touch (preferably low box) box lightly)
  12. Plank

The_New_7- Minute_Workout_Circuit_training_Marina_Aagaard

Training tips

  • Warm up for 7-10 minutes; easy jogging, low impact dancing or similar.
  • Repeat the sequence 2-3 times for extra effect.
  • Cool down for 3-5 minutes; walking or similar.
  • Safety: Use sturdy chair or box for stepping. Feet safely centered on the top.
  • Technique: Keep the correct posture and technique in spite of tempo and quick changes; Watch your knees, back and wrists; the workout should feel intense and challenging, not painful.

Happy workout.


Aagaard (2014). Circuit training Programs and Posters.

ACSM: High-Intensity Circuit Training Using Bodyweight.


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