Top 5 Expert Anti-aging Tips: Look Younger and Healthier Now

By Marina Aagaard, MFE

Who does not want to stay in shape, have nicer skin, hair, nails and radiate health and power … and have a longer, healthier, happier life … without spending a fortune.
Fortunately the very best anti-aging means are the least costly! Try them today, they work: Feel the effect here and now and onwards.

Anti-aging via clean air and daylight

Fresh air and daylight does wonders for you.

Sound Sleep
Research has shown, that good sleep aids weight loss and weight maintenance, improves health, energy level and performance.
You live longer with more energy and look younger, when you get 7-8 hours of good sleep every night.

Sleep problems? Do: Exercise (no later than three hours before bedtime), drink calming herbal tea, avoid food, coffee, tea, alcohol and violent stressing films or tv-programs just before bedtime.
The bedroom should be dark, quiet and cool.

Super Strength training
Strength training is the most effective method for preventing muscle cell aging! Strengthen you muscles with resistance training 2-3 times 20-30 min. per week.
Strength training gives you physical and mental power and improves performance; one study showed, that 80-year olds after a period with strength training had the same functional age as 60-year olds!
You will look younger and get more out of your life with a stronger body.

No time or desire for training? Your body needs it, so you have to do something. You can do a super short program of 5-10 minutes to get started with the healthy habit as soon as possible; it is easier than you think. Here is an easy home workout.
Supplement with cardiovascular training, e.g. jog, run, cycle, as part of your warm-up.

Delicious Diet
There is no way around it; Health, fitness, life quality and a youthful look is fed by healthy eating. However, this does not have to be less tasty or boring!
Eat whole grain produce, vegetables and healthy fat and oils (in fish, olive oil, organic eggs etc.) and keep skin, hair and nails strong and youthful.
Vary your meals, try different foods, so you experience new and exciting tastes.

Do at times – in moderation – enjoy less healthy foods, but then do enjoy it.
Focus, be present, eat slowly, chew 30-50 times and be conscious of the taste.
Mindful eating can help you lose weight or maintain weight and improve quality of life.

Does healthy eating seem difficult? It is easier than you think, if you start gradually. Take one step at a time; e.g. start by eating whole grain variations of your favourite foods, they taste better and are more filling.

Fresh Air and Daylight
Come outside. There is more energy in the fresh air outdoors (unless you live in e.g. LA or Beijing) and the sun provides light and life.
Get out as often as you can, preferably at least ½ hour a day, but be careful of too much sun, protect your skin.
Breathe deeply through your nose; all of your body needs oxygen, your brain and muscles liven up, you become healthier and more energetic, when you breathe deeply, slowly and regularly … clean air.

No time or possibility of getting out? Take time. If you only have a few minutes, open the door or window and stick your head or body out. Take 10 deep inhalations, feel your lungs with air. Do it as often as you can.
During weekends, take time off to go to the countryside to get more fresh clean air. Try it, it makes your feel better and younger.

Soothing Sauna
Sauna is very effective for stress reduction, recovery, reducing general soreness in muscles and joints, skin rejuvenation and strengthening your immune system.

A true sauna experience is hot-cold therapy with 10-20 minutes of high temperature followed by 1-3 minutes of (is)cold bathing repeated e.g. 3-5 times. This stimulates blood flow, enhances health and well-being and boosts body and mind.

No time or money for spa-activities? Your body loves it, so take the time and give it a try. You will be surprised at just how relaxing and stimulating it is.
And it does not have to be costly. Many pool and leisure activity facilities offer sauna facilities at low or no cost.

Apart from the above physical tricks, remember the three Long Happy Life social and emotional strategies: Social activity (family and friends), laughter and love (safe sex)!


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